Health insurance provided to your employees in today's face mask environment has never been more important.  Your company's employee benefit plan can help keep your team healthy and working with you for years to come.  

For over 25 years, we have partnered with businesses in the Jacksonville and Orlando surrounding areas. We help clients who care about their team, design, install and administrate employee benefit plans on a personal level.

Our design philosophy is called the Benefit Allowance Program. It gives our clients the ability to protect their families, retain their best talent, and enhance employee relationships. Let our customer driven experience and benefit knowledge be one of your company's best assets.

Employee Benefit Administration

Group Health Insurance Services

• Group Health, Dental, Disability and Life Insurance Plans
• Online Benefit Mangement and Enrollment
• Health Care Reform Compliance
• Employee Advocacy
• COBRA Administration Services
• Payroll Services

Group Dental, Life & Disability Plans

Surround your company's health plan with a cafeteria of benefits that can be employer or employee paid.  In the light of COVID 19 these have never been a more asked for product.

Supplemental Benefits

Your employees will appreciate the opportunity to buy afforadable and solid coverage through their employer.

Ponte Vedra Health Insurance and Medicare Plans

We Use Abentras Access Technology 

CMA Insurance
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CMA Benefits

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